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SC Fleetline Splitty

SC Fleetline Splitty

Thought I would start this tread to post some pics of my SC Fleetline I bought from a fellow forum member Dsan a couple of Years ago
At the time he bought it I had it in my mind that he was crazy as the bus looked like shit and rusted.

I bought the bus about 4 Years ago already and by the time I bought the bus I actually then thought "what a lekker nice bus with very little sheet metal work to be done" as I have by then built a split bus or 2 with some serious sheet metal work needed.

I actually bought a small scale SC Splitty and painted the bus those colors.
Once it was painted I was not happy with the paint quality and then the Darker color topped with lighter color at the bottom did not do it for me.

I there and then decided I want to have it painted by our other panel beater who normally does the higher and better quality paint finishes.

I asked around on Facebook etc. for color suggestions and eventually I decided on the same colors as my Karmann Ghia light lime green bottom and beige top.

I have organized a Samba Delux trim kit made specially for a single cab split window bus.

Wheels I am going to use is a set of BRM 15"

Will most Probably fit a set of safari windows to the bus

Motor wise I am still hanging in the air
I got a few choices

2.4 Type 4 upright twin carbs

2L type 4 upright twin Std single choke carbs

2020cc Type 1 twin Weber or DEllorto carbs, nice new chrome tinware (still building this motor - need to assemble - all machining is done)

Std 1600 Type 1 full recon motor with C25 cam and std carb just to have a casual cruizer.

Gearbox wise I will obviously do a late model recon Bugger Box which might go longer 4th gear

Project info

I bought the bus about 4 Years ago already and by the Time I bought the Bus I actually then thought What a lekker nice Bus with very little sheet metal work to be done as I have by then Built a SPlit bus or 2 with some serious sheetmetal work needed. In The end it turned out very nice.

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    June, 2017

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