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Bloodhound LFB golf to Rotary

Bloodhound LFB golf to Rotary

This Beetle was at 2014 Desert Speedweek Hakskeen pan and did a GPS 215Km/h and I missed the Traps as the track was turned around and I did not understand the marshals initial instructions.
But then ran straight after that. I managed to do an official 206Km/h with a warm motor and intercooler.

It was a serious challange to do this speed; 215Km/h in a Beetle but then on sand it was even higher risk as the track
was quite ridden out by the time we arrived at Speedweek.

  • I had a 2L 8Valve Turbo Charged Golf Motor in Bloodhound that made a around 145Kw on the wheels at the time
  • Gearbox is one of my Bugger Stage 4 Transmissions with chrome molly main shaft with longer 1st and 2nd gears as well as coarse 3rd and 4th with a super long 4th gear Ratio of 0.82 where standard is 0.93 and my first longer ratio
  • I normally do have a 0.88 in same as Tony Z stage 4 Box then welded 3rd and 4th gear hube
  • Super diff housing with 4 spider gears and both sides of the box have HD ally side covers
  • Steel selector forks and special imported syncro rings on 2nd, 3rd and 4th

With that I also used a set of chrome molly side shafts to handle the power

I have had engine failure when the guys were tuning the motor for some more power on the Dyno and removed the Golf motor and started with the 13B rotary Turbo conversion with a charge cooler system and bridge ported and hybrid small turbo to bring power in at low rpm

One of the reasons I have gone the rotary route is the 9000-11000 RPM of the rotary and seeing this bug is built specifically for Speedweek on the Hakskeen Pan and All Tar as well as to do the 800 and 1Km challenges at ODI the aditional RPM I will be having, will only help with top speed

My aim is to try and break a 250Km/h speed with the new Bloodhound LFB project and that will be my challenge

Project info

Ongoing project where we are upgrading the engine from a VW Golf Turbo to a Mazda Rotary Turbo. Exciting times.

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    Jan, 2017

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