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This shows the slow progress I am making with my Flagbuggy

I first built the buggy in the late 90's with an aircooled turbo engine. At the time I had the fastest aircooled 1/4 mile in South Africa. These records still stand in Gauteng.

I am now upgrading it to Rotary Turbo.

  • I have taken my Cabrio Beetle "The Flys" Engine which is a 13b Rotary turbo
  • Full Roll Cage
  • New Ally Radiator and charge cooler Radiator
  • Fuel system upgrade going all #10 size Ethanol compatable
  • Fuel hoses with all FTF fitting
  • Matching racing suite layout with the flag theme


Project info

This shows the slow Progress I am making with my Flagbuggy

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    Transmission, Engine, Performance

  • Date

    Jan, 2017

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