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Orange Beetle 13b Rotary Turbo

Hi Guys I have started this thread to give as much advice as Possible for the guys that contemplate in fitting a Rotary in to a bug / Ghia /Type 3 / Bus etc. to try and give them as much as possible heads up info of what it takes and cost.

I have a bug by me that has the conversion already done which I have stripped and redoing some of the things for the Client and fitting a Seriously strong Bugger Transmission to the bug.

This is a picture of the bug

the orange bug

A look at the buisness end of things. I had the Bug on one of Speed and Sound`s Dyno days and it made 100KW on the wheels Now that is what a std Rotary turbo makes on the wheels with .4Bar boost. Have already sent the turbo in for a small upgrade and the aim is that the bug willbe making 145Kw on the wheels which still make the car really reliable to drive and with a high low boost set up really fun aswell


The doggy box was removed and refitted with multi plywood which I immediately have removed for propper slanted plate fitment and the wiring all worked but some wires was joined 5 times in less than 200mm once all the insulation tape was removed.

engine bay

After the motor and transmission was removed there was a serious spider web of wiring that was in the bug. The guy that has built the bug must have a Electrical trade. All the Positive wires were taken to a central point and joined with Chalk blocks. And all the Earth wires as well. One earth wire ran from the EFI fuel pump right next to the battery to the Chalk block and all the way back again. Please Don't think I am shooting the guy down that did the bug he did a nice job with alot of the other things on the bug it was just Snaaks to find something like that in a Vehicle.

After me and my 2 trusty friends the Side cutter and the putty knife got stuck in to the wiring of the Bug and the Microtech EFI. I have cut out quite alot of wires that I deemed unnecessary.


Here is a closer look of the inner of the engine bay before I have stripped out everything. The long cylinder that is connected to the fuel pump is the surge tank which will probably also be replaced as it is made out of stainless steel and is F@rken heavy and the fuel supply and return lines come from the bottom right of the bug and the inn let and 2 returns are on the Left of the tank so there are far to many fuel lines under there to My liking. As the coils on the right hand side I will make a bracket on the right of the motor to bolt them on to and keep the side wall as clean as possible


I have cut the plate and weld it in and two small pieces for the sides. The plate does not get welded all round as I seal the plate right around with Fiber Resin and matt and then every thing gets stone chipped in the motor bay with Clear coate over it all.

weld weld

This bug had an amazing amount of unnecessary holes drilled from the engine bay to the wheel well both sides Left and right

I have closed them all up when I glass fiberd the slanted plate in to get every thing looking better when stone chipped


Here is a pic after the resin and fiber mat is put down you do not need alot around 500Ml of resin to do this whole job. You will see I have also removed the back window to have better access and work space.


Stone chip has been done inside and out side. Once it is coverd with a coate of 2K clear it will brighten up the engin bay and it is very easy to clean the engin bay aswell with the clear over the stone chip as it takes away all the rough edges

spray spray

Cleaned the motor today to mask it and paint the motor to give it a bit more Hp :lol:


Some of the bits that bolt on to the motor


Now this is basically where I am today with this project. More to follow soon!


Have done some more work to the Bug. Spray some Clear cote over the Stone chip it makes it so easy to clean with the clear over


This is some of the motor bits that I have also colour coded and finished off with clear coat over everything and as you can see the clear brightens the colour up really nice


This is the motor after the Extreme make over :D


Ok the transmission is finaly built and assembled with the axles and covers on ready for installation I should be installing the tranny tommorrow and assemble the Motor with the new turbo Upgrade that is going to make some good HP numbers for a stock motor


One nice headace is doing the wiring over that is a real mess in this bug but I have the Wiring diaghram for the Microtech EFI system so that is not going to slow m down at all


Wanted to fit the 2700 Pound presure plate and copper clutch ans a nice surprise puped up after I removed the std set up The fly wheel was machined like a front disc to prevent Glasing but the Idea was taken a bit out of porporsion had to get a new flywheel machined and ground to the right dept for the copper clutch to work with the pressure plate

The kitt to the left was removed from the Bug The centre one is the 2700 Lbs kitt that is going in to the bug The kitt to the right with the yellow pressure plate is the 228mm WBX clutch set up.The pressure plate Diaphrame clamping point is moved and clamps nearly as much pressure as a Double Diaphrame pressure plate but it is still much sifter than a Double one The 228mm Clutch plate is also Bonded and riveted to prevent the lining comming lose from the centre with the extra pressure from the stronger pressure plate

These counter weights has to be used when fitting a RX in to a Beetle and they come off the Automatic transmission motors.The std 13Bt flywheel has a counter weight cast in to the fly wheel and can not be used as is as the starter teeth differ

Buzy tightening up the pressure plate after the new Flywheel is installed and using the Flywheel lock to hold the flywheel tight the upgrade turbo is fitted and most of the smaller cosmetics to the motor nearly ready to install

The car is currently at mad customs getting interior and exterior redone. Once they are finished it is coming back to me to finish the motor. See below for a few pics.

bits bits bits

Thats all in the moment but make sure to visit the gallery there are many more pics of the bug in there.

For more pictures please visit our gallery Gallery pages

This blog was more or less taken form the aircooled vw sa forum. Check it out here

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