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About Pierre and Bugger Transmission

Bugger Transmissions


The Bugger Transmissions resulted from Pierre’s Nick name Bugger. This family based business offers a personalised service aimed at the unique needs and wants of each customer. Nothing is mass produced and everything is carefully built to meet each customers individual requirements. Quality and personalised service comes first.

With almost 20 Years of experience in the VW scene, Bugger Transmissions can provide customers with well-built, long lasting economical transmission. From stock split case transmissions, to VW drag racing, to transmissions for engine conversions and everything in-between. Bugger Transmissions will have a solution for you. We take time to find the best gear ratios to meet individual needs and built it using quality parts that will provide you with years of trouble free service.

“Winning isn’t everything but Loosing sure sucks!” This is the Bugger Transmission motto which is evident in the quality of the workmanship. All high performance parts are built to last in drag or circuit race conditions.

It is therefore not surprising that many clients who are running Bugger Transmissions race. Hence Buggers Transmissions parts are race proven quality.

Vehicles that have Bugger Transmissions use a variety of power plants. The Bugs, Buggies, Karmann Ghias, Speedsters, Trikes and other related cars run from seriously modified Aircooled motors (VW Type 1 and Type 4) over to, Subaru, Toyota Turbo, Nissan 1400 and Mazda Rotary Turbo motors.

Even though Bugger Transmission focuses on transmissions we offer a variety of other services. For details please have a look at the “service page”.

Pierre Eksteen


Even though focused on beetles Pierre has worked on all types of VW during his near 20 years of experience.

Pierre Eksteen is a Qualified Electronics Mechanic who did his trade at the Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa.

His passion for beetles started during school. Pierre’s father’s friend, Chris Labuschagne was constantly working on a bug, and Pierre’s interest in Beetles had begun. Since his first bug, a off road Baja, with a 1.9 litre WBX motor, Pierre has been working on VW’s. He has literary done everything on them, from engine conversions, to engine rebuilds to wiring, suspension, body work, body conversion such as convertibles and more.

In 1993 Pierre started a project in the form of a chopped roof 1965 beetle, with a 2.5 Oettinger WBX motor. The sheer power of the engine was too much for the transmissions and they started to constantly break. As a result Pierre started to fix and modify transmissions which eventually developed into his passion.

Eventually Pierre decided to work full time in the VW business and became partners in the Beetleinn VW workshop based in Kew, Johannesburg.

This is where he further honed his skills and built the (then) quickest VW in South Africa, the Flag Buggy achieved a mind boggling 11.1 seconds on a ¼ mile run. The Flag buggy’s transmission and the engine were a work of art. Up to this day the buggy still holds one of the quickest aircooled drag times in South Africa.

Pierre is also involved in other VW work besides transmissions. He has built over 35 cabriolets up to date and has done many performance and engine upgrades/conversions.

Being heavily involved in the VW scene, Pierre was the master mind behind the Bug Fest in 2001. Well know and liked among VW peers, Pierre can be found at many events and functions, always available for a chat.

Buggers Beetle
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