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Bugger Transmissions; beetle transmissions, conversions, adapter plates, super diffs, body mods and more


What we do

If you are looking at upgrading or fixing your transmission,body work, engine work you have come to the right place. For a more comprehensive view on what we offer click here.

Bugger Transmission stands for top quality and workmanship. The main guy behind Bugger Transmissions is Pierre Eksteen who has close to 20 years VW experience.

Bugger New

2013 Wheels at the Vaal

The wheels at the Vaal trip event and trip was great see some nice pictures here.

2013 JHB Beetle Club Calendar

The 2013 JHB beetle club calendar has been added. It can be viewed here.

Logo Day 2011 Vee Dub Logo-Day

South Africa held on May the 28th, 2011 an event to form a VW logo with 60 meters in diameter, formed by VW Approximately 160 VW vehicles form the huge VW- Logo.

South Africa is a country that built the Beetle and also has a great tradition of Fuscamania (Beetlemania). Unlike the VW of Brazil Volkswagen of South Africa demonstrates in practice to have much more respect and love for its own story, so that there is a small VW Museum. With a strong European influence the maintenance of traditions is an important value in the local culture. The Beetlemaniac movement is present and has already held large events, this is one of them.

The VW activist from Johannesburg, Pierre Eksteen, known as Bugger, assumed the responsibility to organize and the realization of the Vee Dub Logo-Day 2011, see how this happened. Before that South Africa has already formed two other logos, the last in2001, and he was also involved in these events.

Read more!

Logo Day 2011 first impressions


More images and videos coming soon. Click on the image on the left to view the movie!

The video was made by Alexander Gromow who is the initiator of the International Beetle day in Brazil. He actually gave me a call from Brazil yesterday afternoon to congratulate us on a perfect Logo layout and was Very Qurious on how we did the initial layout for reference to park the Cars

Logo Day 2011


The upcoming VW logo day: show appreciation to the Beetle and Volkswagen for building such an Iconic Vehicle as the Beetle. But also to raise much needed funds for the SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE-DOGS association for the blind. Donations will be collected at the entrance.

The Beetle and VW Club Joburg will also be celebrating 60 years of Volkswagen with all things VW at their May Month Logo day meeting at Riversands farm on 28 May. 60 years of the VW Logo in SA will be represented by a fabulous collection of old cars, suitably supported with the latest models as well If you are a VW man (or lady), be there! If you are not a 'beetle peeple', come and see why this brand has such a loyal following.  On the day an amount of R10 000 (Ten thousand Rand) was raised for the South African Guide dogs Assotiation for the Blind

I Perre would like to thank each and everyone that help achieving this to be able to give to the SAGA organization

Limited edition collectable tokens are available to each vehicle participating in the Logo (150) and more than 40 Trophies are up for grabs for various categories on the day. Each Participant will also receive an Attendance side window sticker and certificate. Stalls with * Spares * Memorabilia * VW` s for sale * Competitions * Food Stalls and more . Vendor space available!

Find out more about the Logo day 2011


New Project Page

We have started a new project page where we will be listing projects. So that you can get an idea of what we can do for you plus what keep us busy.

Plus it was started to give as much advice as possible for the guys that contemplate in fitting a Rotary in to a bug / Ghia /Type 3 / Bus etc. to try and give them as much as possible heads up info of what it takes and cost

Have a look at it here

New Images in the Gallery

The gallery has finally been updated there are some new images about the orange rotary beetle and the Puma. Take a look!


Workshop Upgrade Completed

Workshop upgrade is complete. There are still a few things that need to be done, but I am already working on them.

Have a look in the gallery section under the project pictures (orange beetle and puma) to have a look at the workshop.

The Fly at the Witbank car show! Watch the Video!

the fly


Pierre went to the Witbank Show and decided to take "The Fly" along to make some noise! Turn up your volume for max effect!

Just in case you did not know. This superfast Beetle is running an AJ Racing 13BT Mazda Rotary engine with a massive T4 Turbo, charge cooled, ported, doweled, & balanced with Microtech Arthur is currently buzy with a upgraded motor we will be fitting in The Fly and aiming for around 300Kw on the wheels which will be super play time every time

12.7s Puma 1/4 Mile run with a Bugger Box

red puma

Yes its true. This red Puma owned and driven by Marco Smith from Windhoek Namibia ran a time of 12.7 seconds, this weekend he is out again trying to beat his time on slicks. Good Luck!

The car features a bugger gearbox onto which a Rotary Wankel engine is fitted. Due to a unfortunate gremlin going in to the motor the Rotary was replaced with a piston turbo motor and we are waiting for updates from Marco

Click here to see the car in our gallery section

George Trip

The Fly

2009 we completed the George Challenge, taken "The Fly" along on the trailer being pulled by our VW Bus.

Prior to the trip "The Fly" received a new soft top which came out very nice.

The show was great and it was great to chat and see many guys again. Images will be uploaded soon.

Also have a look at the video sections. We have some videos of "The Fly" going wild while on the trip

2012 we do have another George challange and for those that is interrested in joining the Aircooled convoy from Jhb to George in Feb 2012 check outthe link below at


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